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Starting Fresh

Okay, here we go with my first actual status type post. I’m going to do this in sections for each project just to try to make things simpler.  Where available, I’m going to include the website links to products, however some stores don’t have them at their website but they may have them in store.


I started the hubby’s afghan yesterday.  It’s a ripple afghan using basic double and triple crochet stitches as well as a couple modified decreases and front post crochets.  I’m including pictures of the first three rows to give an idea of how the color sequence is going to go since it’ll just be repeated until it finishes after that. Continue reading Starting Fresh



Welcome to my blog! I’m new to this so bear with me while I find my way.  I’ll be discussing my many (omg so many) craft projects in progress, the materials I’m using, and the craft stores or websites I’ve visited (and any deals they happen to be running at the moment).  Where available, I plan on providing links to all products used (books, tools, materials, information, etc) so you can find them for your own use.   In regards to the mentioned stores, there are tons of craft stores both physical and online, not to mention stores like Wal-Mart and, where you can get craft supplies; however, I’m only mentioning the ones I personally use on a regular basis.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

…Like a hole in the head

So yeah, I started yet another project today, ’cause I need to start a new project like I need a hole in the head lol.  To give some background on this new project, I started crocheting an afghan for my husband 9ish years ago.  It’s still not finished.  I ran out of yarn and couldn’t find where I put the rest of the yarn for the project (to be fair we’ve moved a couple times over the years…it’s in a box…somewhere); well, then I found the yarn…and now I can’t find the pattern book.  So why not just look at what I’ve already done and go from there, you ask? It’s one of those with a geometric design and it involves chaining over the skipped stitches in one color then coming back and stitching in the skipped stitches with the other color and I can’t remember how I’m supposed to do the pattern.  So it’s on hold for now.  Meanwhile, every time I start a new project he asks me when I’m going to finish his blanket.  I feel bad; it’s been almost 10 years now.  The boy deserves his blanket lol.

So I went to Jo-Ann Fabric yesterday (I had coupons, why not, right?) and started looking around and found two different afghan books that looked promising (’cause, you know, I don’t have a dozen books at home already, but whatever).  As a bonus, they had Red Heart Supersaver and With Love yarns on sale as well as all of the Lion Brand yarns.  So finally decided on the With Love yarn, it’s a little more expensive than the Supersaver, but it’s got such a nice feel to it and works up really nicely.  To be fair, I probably could have picked one of the Lion Brand yarn varieties, but I’ve really only used their Homespun yarn, which is a chunky yarn, and I’m just more familiar with the Red Heart varieties.  Tomorrow I’ll upload pictures and the actual information on things, today I had to get the blog up and going lol.

So, as of right now, my current projects in progress include:

  • Husband’s afghan (red, black, and white) – just begun
  • Baby blanket for my friend due next weekend (variegated green, grey, and white) – almost complete
  • Baby blanket just because (self striping peach) – maybe a third finished
  • Dish cloth (variegated brights and yellow) – about half finished

Oh, don’t know how long it’s running, but went to the Joann Fabric website today and they’re having a site wide sale… I bought yarn for two more baby blanket projects *facepalm*.  I’m a glutton for punishment lol.