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Busy Day, Lazy Day

So, Sunday was actually a really productive day.  I completed the bag that was from the sewing pattern, which is a folding market tote, and I am never never making it again LOL. To be fair, there’s probably nothing wrong with the pattern, I just suck at understanding them, as I mentioned before.  The bag itself wasn’t really that difficult, the most complicated part of the body of the bag was attaching the bias tape around the handles, but the pocket panel gave me so many issues.  Once again, I think it was because I just didn’t understand what the pattern was telling me to do.  I’m also not thrilled with trying to sew around curves, it gives me a lot of issues but that may just be a lack of practice.  I might take a stab at a similar type of bag at some point but after making a couple changes to make it more… logical? accessible? understandable? to me.

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Connecting Things

Hi, everyone.  So, yesterday, while waiting for a repairman and part that never came, I worked on connecting and creating accounts under the Warm and Bright name.  Besides my blog and Etsy account, I now have a YouTube and Twitch channel and a Google+ account; feel free to visit me at any of them.  I also recorded my first video for YouTube and Twitch, kind of a brief intro to what I’ll be doing on them as well as a sort of unboxing (sort of because I’d actually opened my packages the day before) of some deliveries I received.  The orders were from Missouri Star Quilt Company and ZipIt Zippers so lots of fun sewing stuff to play with in the days to come.

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My First Tote Bag

So while I was in JoAnn Fabric back in mid-May, they had books on sale and I found a book called Fat Quarter Bags by Leisure Arts. The nice thing about this book is that each bag only requires 6 fat quarters and just over a yard of fusible fleece.  There are seven different bags in the book, all with two nice big pockets inside, but I decided to start with the one called San Clemente as it was basically just a few rectangles and the others involved a lot more piecing to be done. Continue reading My First Tote Bag

Venturing into the land of sewing

I can’t say that I *just* started sewing this past month, I have done a couple quilt blocks before as well as some foundation paper piecing over the past couple years, but haven’t really kept with it. I also picked up a couple sewing patterns last year to try my hand at and never even completed the first one (mainly because sewing patterns just don’t make the most sense to me).   Continue reading Venturing into the land of sewing

Long time, no see

So, yeah, hi! It’s been a year since I’ve been on here, which is kind of crazy, but between the laptop dying, family issues, buying a house (and then moving into it), and just general life craziness, I kind of forgot about this honestly.  What brought it back to mind is I’ve just started sewing as of mid-May and have been (successfully!) working on several different projects.  I’m really hoping I’ll be able to start selling my completed works so that’s what I’ll be primarily working towards in my experimentation with new patterns and project types.  As with my previous posts, I’ll also be including information on any current sales going on at locations that I’ve gotten my materials from.  I think for the time being, just to get caught up, I’ll be making posts about my individual projects I’ve made in the past month.  Thanks for stopping by and joining me in my next crafting adventure.