Connecting Things

Hi, everyone.  So, yesterday, while waiting for a repairman and part that never came, I worked on connecting and creating accounts under the Warm and Bright name.  Besides my blog and Etsy account, I now have a YouTube and Twitch channel and a Google+ account; feel free to visit me at any of them.  I also recorded my first video for YouTube and Twitch, kind of a brief intro to what I’ll be doing on them as well as a sort of unboxing (sort of because I’d actually opened my packages the day before) of some deliveries I received.  The orders were from Missouri Star Quilt Company and ZipIt Zippers so lots of fun sewing stuff to play with in the days to come.

I was also good and started working on a bag sewing project I had picked up last year and it just reminded me that I’m not a fan of pattern sewing because the stupid things make no sense to me; I’d rather stick to quilting, it’s much more intuitive to me.  In addition to that thing, I worked on stitching blocks to form rows for a wall hanging I’ll be making (I’ll go into detail on that one in another flashback post), but I’ve run out of brown thread so I’m waiting on the order I placed at Connecting Threads to come in to finish it off (which will also be an adventure in adding a backing and finishing a quilt which I’ve never done). I also started cutting out the fabric to make a new style of bag from the fat quarter book I mentioned in one of my last posts.  I’ve been looking at this bag for a while and even had fabric I wanted to use for it, but the fabric is directional and wasn’t working for how you have to cut the fabric.  That being said, I even went so far as to rework the pattern to accommodate directional fabric but so much of it had to change, and I think I got part of it turned around, that I gave up and found new fabric to use.  I swear, directional fabric is killing me, I had to tweak another bag I made because of that issue too.

Now all I have to do is start taking pictures of the items I’ve already made and start uploading them to my Etsy site so I can actually start trying to sell the things.  The cycle never ends LOL.


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