Second Tote and More Blocks

*Cue flashback music* So, after the success of my first tote, I had to make another.  And because I’m incapable of focusing on just one project at a time, I was also playing around with some other blocks that I thought looked really interesting and wanted to try.  My second tote (from the same pattern as the first) was made using a fat quarter bundle that I got from Joann’s and some yardage that I’d been sitting on for a while that I finally decided to use.  It’s been so long I don’t even remember where I bought it, if it was a remnant, what size I asked for if it wasn’t (I didn’t measure before I started cutting it up), or anything.  But the fabric was cute and matched really well with the fat quarters in the bundle that I had bought at some point and never got around to using.  Also, the bundles only have five fat quarters so I would have had to buy another one anyway to make the bag.  As it was, since I wanted to use the yardage fabric that was essentially a type of panel, I opted to have a solid front and back instead of the pieced stripes like the first bag so wound up with extra fabric left over from the fat quarters to use in other projects.

The blocks I started playing around with were a disappearing 9 patch that I found a tutorial on from Missouri Star Quilt Company, and a wonky 9 patch from a tutorial by Fons & Porter.  The disappearing 9 patch I actually wound up making from 2 1/2 inch squares I cut from some batik jelly roll strips I’ve had for ages.  I’d like to say that I did all that tricky piecing, but it’s actually a really simple block.  The wonky 9 patch was made from my very first charm pack I ever bought (awwww) that I got from JoAnn‘s.  Both were very easy to make, and the wonky 9 patch actually lets you make 9 blocks, but make sure you have a very sharp rotary blade because you’re cutting through 9 pieces of fabric at once.  Of course, I then had to figure out what to do with 9 random blocks so I decided to turn 8 of them into a small bag, though I’m still working on it.  Not quite sure what I’ll do with the last block.  Also, if you do the wonky 9 patch, try to use blocks (charms, cakes, whatever) with some contrast; mine were all the same color, just different patterns, and it kind of just turned into a lavender blob when I laid them out next to each other.  I solved that problem by adding some white sashing strips between the blocks.  I should probably note that the block had a finished (squared up) size of less than 4 inches coming from originally sized 5 inch blocks, so you will lose a good bit of size in your blocks by the end.

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