Slow Week

So this past week has been kind of slow on the actual crafting front, but I’ve been doing a lot of backroom type stuff like watching videos for ideas for new projects, looking up business and tax information (such fun *headdesk*), even Twitch‘d cutting fabric up for a couple projects I worked on later in the week (you can listen to me fuss at my cat who was tripping out the entire time too LOL).

Other than that, I did finally find the pin backs I was looking for at Michaels, though I still haven’t gotten around to making the flowers for the tote bags yet.  I’ve slowly been working on my next tote from the fat quarters book, for some reason just haven’t worked up the motivation to finish it which is silly since it’ll take me all of an hour probably to get it completed at this point.  I’ve made another two flying geese log cabin blocks, alternating the colors of the stripes, and just have one more to make to have the full design made.  I’ve made a few more zipper bags, including a flat style since I wound up cutting my Shopkins fabric for the triangle bag wrong (I swear directional fabric is going to drive me slowly insane).  And then I’d found this completely ridiculous and cute fabric of portraits of dogs in fancy dress and actually managed to cut that correctly for the bags.

I also got some fabric coaster sets made, such a simple project and works up really quickly. I first saw a girl on Twitch making them, but have seen a couple tutorials on YouTube recently as well.  I’ve been doing them in sets of 4 which allows me to get several out of each of the two fat quarters used for them.  That being said, I did try a different version that has a quilted look yesterday, but it takes 5 blocks for each coaster so it’s basically the two whole fat quarters for a set of 4 (still not expensive); in fact I ran out of enough of my Christmas fabric to make the backs so wound up using some white leftover fabric from the second tote bag I made.

Let’s see, what else… I tried my hand at paper piecing again.  I found some really cute (and free!) patterns on Craftsy and got to use some random pieces of fabric I have laying around.  Oh, and my brown thread finally came in so I’ve been able to work on finishing up my wall hanging.  Did find out that I probably want to invest in some of that basting spray stuff if I do any more large projects; my fabric moved around a lot and left the back not looking too great. Basting spray and maybe a walking foot…I need to do some more research into that, but considering how many of my projects involve multiple layers, I think it might help.

Paper pieced butterfly “Cricket”

Projects mentioned:


It’s 4th of July here in the US, so most stores are running sales all weekend, but here are the ones I know for sure.


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