Holidays and Sales

Hi, everyone.  Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July holiday.  I’ve been listening to fireworks go off since Friday so I can’t really say I’m sad that the holiday is over though LOL.  One thing that’s been killing me is all the sales EVERYWHERE! There’s so many things I want…and so little money to buy them with.  I know, you’re all probably in the same boat too.  But moderation can be a good thing; at least I keep telling myself that LOL.  Besides, I need to finish the projects I’ve already bought materials for anyway…that way I have room for new stuff.

So, haven’t actually been working on too much the past couple days, been feeling a little off and sitting in my stuffy craft room wasn’t helping.  But I did get another zipper bag done, this one in kind of tropical sunset colors with a colorful bird on it.  Seriously, you guys should try these things; they’re super simple once you get the hang of it and I can now make one by memory in about 30 minutes.

I also got a few of my items up on Etsy and am slowly working through uploading the rest. Mia’s Mini Minion Bag (yes, that’s the name I gave it LOL) was a hit with my 3yr old niece who proceeded to fill it up with as many toys as she could.  I also gave her the wonky Shopkins zipper bag I made which she really enjoyed too.  My father in law claimed a set of my coasters, so we’ll just say he’s quality checking them LOL.

I’ve been bad and still haven’t finished my tote or wall hanging, so that’s my goal for this week – at least finish one of them.  Especially since I just started a new tote Monday that I’m almost finished with.  This one is from one of the Missouri Star tutorials that shows you how to make three bags from one charm pack (and some extra yardage for lining and such).  It worked up really quickly; you could probably make the whole thing in one 2hr sitting (or less) if you put your mind to it.  I also started working on a tiny little keychain zip bag last night that I’ve got to finish up.

Of course, I still have at least two more totes (these using jelly roll strips) I’m planning, though I have to decide on which pattern to use, as well as more zip bags and coasters.  I’ve got lots of quilt blocks I want to try, but then I have to figure out what I’m going to do with them afterwards, either turn them into more bags or maybe pillows, or maybe make them into a mixed media art piece kind of thing.  Since I’m looking to make things to sell, I’m trying to keep to smaller projects that are a lot more buyer friendly cost-wise rather than trying to make something like a quilt which, depending on the size, would have to be sold for well over $100 just to break even.  So, yeah, lots of watching YouTube videos for ideas LOL.

Projects and tutorials mentioned:


  • Craftsy – all classes on sale, coupon code FIRST50 if you’ve never ordered from them before to get their Boundless fabrics, all their fabric is on sale
  • Joann’s – more coupons on their site though the 4th of July sale is over
  • Michaels – still running sale on multiple things plus several 40% off coupons
  • Hobby Lobby – sales and a 40% off coupon

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