Record Keeping and Flying Time

Um, oops? I seriously did not mean to let three whole weeks slip by before posting again.  So to catch things up for the past couple weeks – I really haven’t done too much craftwise but I have been busy doing record keeping.   To start with I found a bookkeeping program called Wave which is actually free for most of the features, always a big plus.  I will say the program does take a little getting used to, and it would be much easier if you have a separate business checking/credit/saving account instead of using your personal account for both purposes.  It gives you the option to split your transactions into different categories like personal (and various fields under there), materials, tools, shipping, etc which you are then able to make reports based on your information for tax purposes and just general tracking purposes.  Only problem is that you will have to manually enter any cash transactions as well as any transactions processed on accounts you don’t have linked to the program and that credit/debit layout is not quite intuitive, it’s basically the reverse of what you think things should be I think.

The second record keeping program I found, and the one that’s been taking up all my time, is Craftybase.  This is a really cool program; it allows you to record all your materials (though coming up with descriptive names for things is kind of trying after a while), your finished products, your purchases, “recipes” for your products (all the materials and amounts needed to create your item), and sales.  This is another program that has a bit of a learning curve in some areas, but it has a ton of information in their FAQ section.  Craftybase gives you two free weeks of their full product to play around with, including being able to import your information from sites like Etsy; after that, there is a monthly fee that varies based on what options you choose, but the base option is only $8.99/month.

On the craft front, I’ve been experimenting with new things like paper crafting as well as going back to the tried and true crochet projects on top of making a couple sewing projects.  I’ve made a couple packs of glass magnets that I saw videos for from several sources and some very basic 3×3 card and envelope sets that I was inspired to make from watching lyriclover810 on YouTube.  Unfortunately, paper crafting is kind of expensive considering all the tools that make creating your projects a lot easier.  Luckily, most places do have coupons, but it’s still a lot of start up costs.  Of course sewing isn’t much better when you take into account the cost of cutting mats, rotary cutters, sewing machine, and, of course, the fabric.  Just a hint, try to stick to one craft at a time instead of doing both, ’cause OMG I don’t want to look at those purchase tracking graphs I mentioned earlier LOL.  I’ve started a granny square scarf using Sweet Roll yarns, which are self striping and really soft, in Wildcherry and Mint that I’ve almost finished.  I’ve also started a crochet purse which is a Tunisian Entrelac pattern using Premier yarns gradient collection in Violet.  It looks really cool, but the pattern I found is on someone’s blog and is kind of vague in some spots and I’m not sure that it’s actually going to be enough yarn to finish it which means I’m going to have to get another box or find another option to finish it up.  We’ll see.

In the sewing world, I’ve made two fabric catch-all baskets using felt sheets and fabric.  This is another Crafty Gemini project, and really easy to make using either a layer cake square (which gives you a base piece 9×10 when you trim the pieces) or a fat quarter (which you can trim to the felt piece’s 9×12).  If you really wanted to be motivated and create even bigger boxes, you could probably use some fusible fleece on any size pieces of fabric you wanted or use felt by the yard cut to your desired size.  I also got started on another 30’s charm purse as well as a jelly roll tote using these cute dog pattern strips I got at JoAnn’s.  I made another pyramid bag, because apparently I can’t make enough of them LOL, and I finally finished the exploding block wall hanging I started a while back.  I haven’t wanted to include too much information about it up ’til now because I was giving it to my mom who happens to also read this.  Oh, and I really don’t understand what the deal with mitered corners is? It was pretty easy to me, but my mom just gave me that “look” when I said that to her LOL.  And I finally finished the last flying goose log cabin block; now I just have to sew the four together and figure out what the hell I’m going to do with it.

(Sorry, no pics today, I’ve got to take a lot of them, and then get them uploaded.  I think I’ll do some separate posts for the different types of projects with the pictures included)

Projects to complete (hopefully this coming week):

  • Granny Square Scarf
  • Tunisian Entrelac Tote
  • 30’s Charm Purse
  • Dog Jelly Roll Tote
  • Fat Quarter Tote from book
  • Finish off yarn tails from finished crochet projects from last year

Projects, Materials, Websites mentioned (some links may be affiliate links):


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