La Vie en Rose and Why I Hate Directional Fabric

Since I’m way behind on my flashback series, I thought I better get caught up.  This is about the third tote I made, dubbed the Pink Paris Bag.  This is the same San Clemente pattern as my first two totes but amended slightly due to the directional quality of one of the fat quarters…which leads to the second half of my title.  I had picked out these 6 fat quarters that were almost all from the same line, got them home and ironed, laid them out to begin cutting…and realized that one of them wasn’t going to work.  Why would this fat quarter not work when it was actually sized correctly (unlike some of the ones I’ve gotten)? Because the pattern was going horizontally across the fabric instead of vertically.  Now you have to understand that the bag pattern gives you specific cutting instructions for each fat quarter in order for you to have enough pieces to assemble the thing.  The problem I ran into with the pattern running in the wrong direction from what I needed, I couldn’t get the right size pieces.  I wound up fixing this eventually, after several hours of debating on just going to get another piece of fabric to replace it or adjusting other parts of the pattern, by deciding to just make one of the interior pockets smaller.  It worked, the bag came out well, I experimented with zig zag stitching, but it was my first exposure to the perils of directional fabric.


Same point in time, I decided to make a reusable market bag using some Star Wars fabric I had gotten as a remnant.  Once again, the pattern is running horizontally which wouldn’t be a problem except you’re supposed to align the fabric with the selvages at the top which meant all my star ships were flying sideways.  I honestly can’t remember but I think I left that one as it was (I gave it to my step daughter who’s a big star wars fan and forgot to take a picture beforehand).

Skip ahead in time a little and I’ve bought some cute Shopkins fabric to make some little triangle bags out of.  I was very careful to make sure I got the fabric cut to an appropriate size for me to be able to make the bags with the characters going in an upright position…and proceeded to cut it wrong once I got home.  I went ahead and made one triangle zip bag out of it (which I proceeded to give to my 3yr old niece who couldn’t care less which way the characters were going), and then played around with the remaining piece I had cut and made a flat zip bag out of it.  The flat bag worked out pretty well but it’s kind of narrow if you were having to reach inside it to get anything at the bottom.

At least the dog portrait fabric as well as the two different bird fabrics I bought I managed to cut correctly for the little triangle bags but it still takes me a while to make sure I’m actually cutting the fabric in the right direction.

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