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Promised Pictures

Since I’m about to leave town for a few days, I figured I better get a post in before I miss another week.  In one of my last posts I promised pictures of things I’d been working on or had completed so here they are.  Obviously, this post is going to be very pic heavy, so depending on your internet connection or browser, you may need to take that into account.

First off is the wall hanging I kept mentioning that I gave to my mom.  This was made using the exploding block pattern I found from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I used squares from two different charm packs, one lights (Butter Churn Basics) and one darks (Kim’s Favorites), and while they weren’t to my tastes, I figured she’d probably like it.  Aside from my bag projects, this was the first big project I made and I definitely considered it a learning process (basting spray and a walking foot are definitely going to be used in my future large quilting projects).

For my little fabric catch-all baskets, I’ve actually made quite a few now as I had someone buy six of them (*squees and dances*).  As mentioned the last time, these are super easy to make, I think it takes me about 15 minutes to make each one.  I got the original pattern from The Crafty Gemini, but I’ve actually made a semi-tutorial on how I make my modified version.

For my charm block purse, I’ve made one and have a second one in pastels in process.  These are using the 30s Playtime 2017 Charm Pack.  Once again, not to my tastes, but since I’m looking at selling them, they don’t have to be.  This is another pattern from Missouri Star which shows how to make three bags from one charm pack.

And I finally finished my flying geese log cabin block, also from Missouri Star, though I have no idea what I’m going to wind up doing with it.


For my paper crafting projects, I’ve made little journal books as well as the magnets and basic little card packs.

I have a couple new projects I’ve tried out, so look for the post talking about those coming up soon.

Tutorials mentioned:


Fabric Haul and Mystery Pack Review Videos

Hey, everyone! Hope you all have a great week.  As mentioned last time, I did a video about the giant fabric haul I had at the end of July, which became an adventure in itself.  I actually wound up recording it twice as the first time had no sound (apparently my video program was defaulting to some speakers that didn’t exist?); then I kept trying to find a way to edit the video and that was nothing but aggravation.  I never did find a good program to use, so if any of you have any recommendations, please leave a note and let me know.  Well, I finally got it edited to a point I wasn’t completely unhappy with and got it posted to YouTube, so you can go see all the stuff I came home with here.

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Weekend Fabric Haul and My First Sale

So this past weekend I visited my mom at a quilt retreat at Camp Blanding in Starke, FL.  It was my first time going to something like that and it was interesting to see – one giant room filled with tables set up with various sewing machines and projects.  And wow, the projects some of these ladies were working on were amazing.  Well, along with the work area, they had a section set aside to sell…stuff…tools and patterns and material that I guess people didn’t need anymore.  So, of course, having several tables of random fabric, I had to go poke around.  I was actually really good and didn’t get that much, but they had a stuff a bag section (and you have no idea how much stuff I can cram into a quart size bag *insert evil grin and cackle here*)  and fabric by the pound, which was actually quite a bit of fabric for just over 2 pounds.  And they had a pack that someone was selling with 4.5yds of Robert Kaufman metallic accented fabric that was just gorgeous for only $10!  Not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’ll figure something out. Continue reading Weekend Fabric Haul and My First Sale