Weekend Fabric Haul and My First Sale

So this past weekend I visited my mom at a quilt retreat at Camp Blanding in Starke, FL.  It was my first time going to something like that and it was interesting to see – one giant room filled with tables set up with various sewing machines and projects.  And wow, the projects some of these ladies were working on were amazing.  Well, along with the work area, they had a section set aside to sell…stuff…tools and patterns and material that I guess people didn’t need anymore.  So, of course, having several tables of random fabric, I had to go poke around.  I was actually really good and didn’t get that much, but they had a stuff a bag section (and you have no idea how much stuff I can cram into a quart size bag *insert evil grin and cackle here*)  and fabric by the pound, which was actually quite a bit of fabric for just over 2 pounds.  And they had a pack that someone was selling with 4.5yds of Robert Kaufman metallic accented fabric that was just gorgeous for only $10!  Not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’ll figure something out.  And then we went to this cute little local quilt shop that had just opened called Stitch n Time; they didn’t have a whole lot of material available yet, but what they did was beautiful…and I wound up picking up a piece of panel type fabric and a piece that coordinated with it.  I also got some positive feedback on the projects I’ve been making, which was actually a better thing for me.  I love my hubby, but when it comes to my craft projects he’s kind of not very helpful in the feedback category, more along the lines of “yep, looks like a thing” LOL.  So getting feedback from people who actually quilt and sew was a incredibly helpful and the fact that they were all so positive about it gave me all the warm and fuzzies.

Well, besides the stuff I bought, my mom brought me a couple of storage drawers filled with fabric and a paper bag with some fabric.  Turned out the paper bag had a 7ft piece of fabric and a 5+ft piece of fabric! OMG I have no idea what in the world I’m supposed to do with it, I make little things after all, but if I need a big piece of fabric for something I have it now LOL.  And then came the drawers…I wonder about my mother some days LOL.  One of them had the most random collection of scraps and pieces and partial quilt blocks (and a partial quilt?!) and just, yeah, total randomness I’ve got to figure out what to do with.  Some of it was stuff I actually needed, big pieces of basic black or cream or white, some of it I think should have wound up in the scrap bag she gives to the people who make dog beds for animal shelters (and will probably be going back to her for exactly that purpose).  But I think part of it can be useful, if nothing else I may make up scrap bags with similar sized pieces to sell.

I actually recorded a Fabric Haul video I’ll be posting on my YouTube as soon as I can get it edited, so hopefully in the next day or two.  So, yeah, keep an eye out for the post that will include the link to the video.

And I had my first sale! So, it was to a family friend and I would have just given it to her if she had asked, but still! I got to actually record a sale in all my bookkeeping programs – I have positive income showing, it’s great! *happy dances*


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