So, yeah.  Kinda horrible at keeping up with the blog thing, in case you can’t tell from the 8 month gap in posts *facepalm*.  I swear, I meant to come back.  Well, I hope everyone is doing well and is looking forward to summer.

For some flashback stuff, I had my family friend order a bunch more bags for Christmas so I was busy making pyramid bags for a little while at the end of last year.  Some of my husbands co-workers also ordered a couple items, so I made a couple crochet hat and cowl sets and some some coasters and catch-all boxes.  I also decided to make Christmas presents for all my family since I was kind of broke but had lots of fabric (probably part of the reason I was broke lol).  I also learned to do inset zippers and add snaps to projects and have made a couple new projects besides my regular projects.  Oh, and I made a purse for my mom which was definitely a new and different (and trying) project.  I don’t know if I’ll ever make it again, but it turned out well.

My mom’s purse – snap closure, 2 interior pockets, 6 or 7 outer pockets:

Double zipper bag:

Kitchen towel:

Embellished Kitchen Towel

Bowl cozy:

Textured hat and cowl:

Textured Hat and Cowl

Once I get the pictures uploaded to my computer, I’ll show you guys the wallet and lipstick case I made last year too.

As for this year…well, I haven’t done much of anything.  I was fighting a lovely combo of flu and bronchitis through January and February and just never got back around to working on anything afterwards.  Though I did start crocheting a new cowl this week, so that’s something at least.  I’ve also picked up a bunch of new fabric courtesy of my mom, a small tote full of Christmas themed fabric and a bag full of new fabric that was being sold at one of her sewing retreats.  This means I have to start working again though because it’s going to start overflowing my limited storage space at this rate.  Actually, the first projects I need to work on are all the ones I’ve already got in progress – neon tote bag, pastel charm square bag, dog jelly roll tote, two piece bowl cozy set, Christmas broken dishes table runner, two piece embellished kitchen towel set.  Yeah, I’ll be busy for a while, and that’s not even counting all the yarn and paper crafting projects I need to work on lol.

I also now have an Instagram account @warmandbright where I’ve been posting projects I’ve made as well as flower and nature photos I’ve taken while out and about.  You can always access my Etsy store to see the projects I have up for sale, and I may be adding an additional online store as well (depends on how motivated I get and how complicated it’s going to be).  I’d really like to try my hand at having a stall at one of the local farmer’s markets or flea markets, but depending on what venue I try, the cost starts at about $20 just for table space.  For the farmer’s markets, I also would have to have a tent and tent weights, tables, possibly a generator to have power, so initial costs are a big factor too.








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