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So, yeah.  Kinda horrible at keeping up with the blog thing, in case you can’t tell from the 8 month gap in posts *facepalm*.  I swear, I meant to come back.  Well, I hope everyone is doing well and is looking forward to summer.

For some flashback stuff, I had my family friend order a bunch more bags for Christmas so I was busy making pyramid bags for a little while at the end of last year.  Some of my husbands co-workers also ordered a couple items, so I made a couple crochet hat and cowl sets and some some coasters and catch-all boxes.  I also decided to make Christmas presents for all my family since I was kind of broke but had lots of fabric (probably part of the reason I was broke lol).  I also learned to do inset zippers and add snaps to projects and have made a couple new projects besides my regular projects.  Oh, and I made a purse for my mom which was definitely a new and different (and trying) project.  I don’t know if I’ll ever make it again, but it turned out well.

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Promised Pictures

Since I’m about to leave town for a few days, I figured I better get a post in before I miss another week.  In one of my last posts I promised pictures of things I’d been working on or had completed so here they are.  Obviously, this post is going to be very pic heavy, so depending on your internet connection or browser, you may need to take that into account.

First off is the wall hanging I kept mentioning that I gave to my mom.  This was made using the exploding block pattern I found from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I used squares from two different charm packs, one lights (Butter Churn Basics) and one darks (Kim’s Favorites), and while they weren’t to my tastes, I figured she’d probably like it.  Aside from my bag projects, this was the first big project I made and I definitely considered it a learning process (basting spray and a walking foot are definitely going to be used in my future large quilting projects).

For my little fabric catch-all baskets, I’ve actually made quite a few now as I had someone buy six of them (*squees and dances*).  As mentioned the last time, these are super easy to make, I think it takes me about 15 minutes to make each one.  I got the original pattern from The Crafty Gemini, but I’ve actually made a semi-tutorial on how I make my modified version.

For my charm block purse, I’ve made one and have a second one in pastels in process.  These are using the 30s Playtime 2017 Charm Pack.  Once again, not to my tastes, but since I’m looking at selling them, they don’t have to be.  This is another pattern from Missouri Star which shows how to make three bags from one charm pack.

And I finally finished my flying geese log cabin block, also from Missouri Star, though I have no idea what I’m going to wind up doing with it.


For my paper crafting projects, I’ve made little journal books as well as the magnets and basic little card packs.

I have a couple new projects I’ve tried out, so look for the post talking about those coming up soon.

Tutorials mentioned:

La Vie en Rose and Why I Hate Directional Fabric

Since I’m way behind on my flashback series, I thought I better get caught up.  This is about the third tote I made, dubbed the Pink Paris Bag.  This is the same San Clemente pattern as my first two totes but amended slightly due to the directional quality of one of the fat quarters…which leads to the second half of my title.  I had picked out these 6 fat quarters that were almost all from the same line, got them home and ironed, laid them out to begin cutting…and realized that one of them wasn’t going to work.  Why would this fat quarter not work when it was actually sized correctly (unlike some of the ones I’ve gotten)? Because the pattern was going horizontally across the fabric instead of vertically.  Now you have to understand that the bag pattern gives you specific cutting instructions for each fat quarter in order for you to have enough pieces to assemble the thing.  The problem I ran into with the pattern running in the wrong direction from what I needed, I couldn’t get the right size pieces.  I wound up fixing this eventually, after several hours of debating on just going to get another piece of fabric to replace it or adjusting other parts of the pattern, by deciding to just make one of the interior pockets smaller.  It worked, the bag came out well, I experimented with zig zag stitching, but it was my first exposure to the perils of directional fabric.


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Second Tote and More Blocks

*Cue flashback music* So, after the success of my first tote, I had to make another.  And because I’m incapable of focusing on just one project at a time, I was also playing around with some other blocks that I thought looked really interesting and wanted to try.  My second tote (from the same pattern as the first) was made using a fat quarter bundle that I got from Joann’s and some yardage that I’d been sitting on for a while that I finally decided to use.  It’s been so long I don’t even remember where I bought it, if it was a remnant, what size I asked for if it wasn’t (I didn’t measure before I started cutting it up), or anything.  But the fabric was cute and matched really well with the fat quarters in the bundle that I had bought at some point and never got around to using.  Also, the bundles only have five fat quarters so I would have had to buy another one anyway to make the bag.  As it was, since I wanted to use the yardage fabric that was essentially a type of panel, I opted to have a solid front and back instead of the pieced stripes like the first bag so wound up with extra fabric left over from the fat quarters to use in other projects.

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My First Tote Bag

So while I was in JoAnn Fabric back in mid-May, they had books on sale and I found a book called Fat Quarter Bags by Leisure Arts. The nice thing about this book is that each bag only requires 6 fat quarters and just over a yard of fusible fleece.  There are seven different bags in the book, all with two nice big pockets inside, but I decided to start with the one called San Clemente as it was basically just a few rectangles and the others involved a lot more piecing to be done. Continue reading My First Tote Bag

Venturing into the land of sewing

I can’t say that I *just* started sewing this past month, I have done a couple quilt blocks before as well as some foundation paper piecing over the past couple years, but haven’t really kept with it. I also picked up a couple sewing patterns last year to try my hand at and never even completed the first one (mainly because sewing patterns just don’t make the most sense to me).   Continue reading Venturing into the land of sewing