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Fabric Haul and Mystery Pack Review Videos

Hey, everyone! Hope you all have a great week.  As mentioned last time, I did a video about the giant fabric haul I had at the end of July, which became an adventure in itself.  I actually wound up recording it twice as the first time had no sound (apparently my video program was defaulting to some speakers that didn’t exist?); then I kept trying to find a way to edit the video and that was nothing but aggravation.  I never did find a good program to use, so if any of you have any recommendations, please leave a note and let me know.  Well, I finally got it edited to a point I wasn’t completely unhappy with and got it posted to YouTube, so you can go see all the stuff I came home with here.

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Record Keeping and Flying Time

Um, oops? I seriously did not mean to let three whole weeks slip by before posting again.  So to catch things up for the past couple weeks – I really haven’t done too much craftwise but I have been busy doing record keeping.   To start with I found a bookkeeping program called Wave which is actually free for most of the features, always a big plus.  I will say the program does take a little getting used to, and it would be much easier if you have a separate business checking/credit/saving account instead of using your personal account for both purposes.  It gives you the option to split your transactions into different categories like personal (and various fields under there), materials, tools, shipping, etc which you are then able to make reports based on your information for tax purposes and just general tracking purposes.  Only problem is that you will have to manually enter any cash transactions as well as any transactions processed on accounts you don’t have linked to the program and that credit/debit layout is not quite intuitive, it’s basically the reverse of what you think things should be I think.

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Welcome to my blog! I’m new to this so bear with me while I find my way.  I’ll be discussing my many (omg so many) craft projects in progress, the materials I’m using, and the craft stores or websites I’ve visited (and any deals they happen to be running at the moment).  Where available, I plan on providing links to all products used (books, tools, materials, information, etc) so you can find them for your own use.   In regards to the mentioned stores, there are tons of craft stores both physical and online, not to mention stores like Wal-Mart and Amazon.com, where you can get craft supplies; however, I’m only mentioning the ones I personally use on a regular basis.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.