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Record Keeping and Flying Time

Um, oops? I seriously did not mean to let three whole weeks slip by before posting again.  So to catch things up for the past couple weeks – I really haven’t done too much craftwise but I have been busy doing record keeping.   To start with I found a bookkeeping program called Wave which is actually free for most of the features, always a big plus.  I will say the program does take a little getting used to, and it would be much easier if you have a separate business checking/credit/saving account instead of using your personal account for both purposes.  It gives you the option to split your transactions into different categories like personal (and various fields under there), materials, tools, shipping, etc which you are then able to make reports based on your information for tax purposes and just general tracking purposes.  Only problem is that you will have to manually enter any cash transactions as well as any transactions processed on accounts you don’t have linked to the program and that credit/debit layout is not quite intuitive, it’s basically the reverse of what you think things should be I think.

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Holidays and Sales

Hi, everyone.  Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July holiday.  I’ve been listening to fireworks go off since Friday so I can’t really say I’m sad that the holiday is over though LOL.  One thing that’s been killing me is all the sales EVERYWHERE! There’s so many things I want…and so little money to buy them with.  I know, you’re all probably in the same boat too.  But moderation can be a good thing; at least I keep telling myself that LOL.  Besides, I need to finish the projects I’ve already bought materials for anyway…that way I have room for new stuff.

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Slow Week

So this past week has been kind of slow on the actual crafting front, but I’ve been doing a lot of backroom type stuff like watching videos for ideas for new projects, looking up business and tax information (such fun *headdesk*), even Twitch‘d cutting fabric up for a couple projects I worked on later in the week (you can listen to me fuss at my cat who was tripping out the entire time too LOL).

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Busy Day, Lazy Day

So, Sunday was actually a really productive day.  I completed the bag that was from the sewing pattern, which is a folding market tote, and I am never never making it again LOL. To be fair, there’s probably nothing wrong with the pattern, I just suck at understanding them, as I mentioned before.  The bag itself wasn’t really that difficult, the most complicated part of the body of the bag was attaching the bias tape around the handles, but the pocket panel gave me so many issues.  Once again, I think it was because I just didn’t understand what the pattern was telling me to do.  I’m also not thrilled with trying to sew around curves, it gives me a lot of issues but that may just be a lack of practice.  I might take a stab at a similar type of bag at some point but after making a couple changes to make it more… logical? accessible? understandable? to me.

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Long time, no see

So, yeah, hi! It’s been a year since I’ve been on here, which is kind of crazy, but between the laptop dying, family issues, buying a house (and then moving into it), and just general life craziness, I kind of forgot about this honestly.  What brought it back to mind is I’ve just started sewing as of mid-May and have been (successfully!) working on several different projects.  I’m really hoping I’ll be able to start selling my completed works so that’s what I’ll be primarily working towards in my experimentation with new patterns and project types.  As with my previous posts, I’ll also be including information on any current sales going on at locations that I’ve gotten my materials from.  I think for the time being, just to get caught up, I’ll be making posts about my individual projects I’ve made in the past month.  Thanks for stopping by and joining me in my next crafting adventure.


So yeah, was working on the baby blanket for the friend last night, finished off the third skein of yarn, remeasured it after laying it flat…and realized I’d somehow measured it wrong and I’m still about 8″ short of the finished size *headdesk repeatedly*. We’re heading up to Georgia today, my extra yarn for the project is home almost two hours away from where I’m at, there’s no way I’m getting it finished for Saturday (and this is after I originally had last Saturday as a finish date). On the upside I have another baby blanket I made that I can give them.  Guess I’ll just save this one for when the baby actually gets here lol.

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Productive Day

Actually been pretty good today craft wise even though I’ve been out running errands most of the day.  Started off the day working on my dishrag and got a couple more rows on it so I’m almost done.  Worked on the baby blanket for my friend since I have to be finished by the time we leave Friday to go up to Georgia.  Managed to talk myself out of starting any other projects… at least ’til I finish one of the others lol.

Had to go to Wal-Mart today and decided to check out the yarn just because.  Admittedly, they don’t have a great selection of stuff in stores, however, they have Red Heart Super Saver yarn for $2.88 every day (vs. getting them at JoAnn’s on sale occasionally for $2.99) which is perfect for getting basic stuff as well as their version of cotton yarn called Peaches ‘n Cream which are pretty much in the exact same colors as the Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream for $1.50/each.  All that being said, their website has a ton of yarn on there apparently and the prices are either comparable to JoAnn’s and Michaels or cheaper.  The search feature on there sucks though because it has things like length and height and I’m not quite sure how they equate to yarn measurements as they go from 1-10 which doesn’t work out to the yarn weight (worsted, chunky, etc) or the ounces; just strange.

JoAnn’s has a 50% coupon good through next week on their website, and they’re also having a Cinco de Mayo sale with select yarns on sale today only, and Bernat baby yarns are on sale 25% off for the month (online only).


So I’ve been good and have been working on the baby blanket for my friend yesterday and today.  I finally finished the second skein of yarn and started on the third and happened to double check the cleaning instructions… hand wash in cold water and lay flat.  Really?! Really?! What genius decided to make baby blanket patterns and put together kits(and there are several of them) using yarn that requires hand washing? What new parent (or any parent of small kids really) has time to do hand washing?  I’m almost finished with the blanket now (almost 30″x30″ of finished size 36″x36″) so there’s no way I’m ripping it out, plus it’s the kind of yarn that has fibers that tangle (think mohair) so it’d be more headache than it’s worth anyway.  I think I’m going to rework this afghan with a regular ombre baby yarn later, you know, after I finish up the other baby blanket, the dish cloth, and put a decent dent in the hubby’s afghan lol.


On a happier note, Mary Maxim has a sale on some of their yarns for $1.99/each for the next couple days. Oh, and if you happen to create your own patterns for knit or crochet accessories, baby blankets, or afghans, they’re running a contest for cash prizes.

A New Week

So it’s the beginning of a new week, and I’m back in my non-home location for the first part of the week.  Just so you guys know, in case my updating goes screwy, I’m splitting my weeks between home and the city my step-mother lives in a couple hours away so I can help take care of her affairs while she’s in long term physical rehab.  On the upside, it does give me plenty of time for crafts, video games and reading, and another JoAnn’s and Michaels to go to lol.  Actually, I say that, the yarn selection in the stores up here absolutely SUCKS! Seriously, both stores have about 1 1/2 aisles dedicated to yarn and yarn tools and patterns.  I’ve been in Wal-Marts with better selection.  Regardless, I still managed to buy something at Michaels today, ’cause, you know, I need more patterns and yarn lol.  I actually looked at these last week when I was there and got a book for making covers for dish washing liquid bottles that look like dresses that’s all knit (I’m going to be experimenting with knit again apparently lol) and uses crochet cotton, like the Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream; the other is a variegated yarn that’s store brand that you can apparently make a baby’s top out of using just one skein (or 2 skeins if you make a little larger size).  I’m big on one skein projects as they let me try out different yarns without having to spend a ton of money on enough for things like blankets or afghans.  Of course, I’m always looking for non-scarf projects because, let’s get real, I live in central Florida and there’s less than one month a year that gets cold enough to need one.  Then again, I do have an Etsy shop that a lot of my finished pieces will probably wind up on eventually.  If I do put them on there, I’ll let you guys know in case any of you are feeling generous and want to buy something lol.

So, this weekend I worked on the hubby’s afghan some more as well as the one-skein baby blanket and the dish cloth (yeah, I’m only doing a couple rows at a time with that one, it’s why it’s not finished yet).  I’m going to have to get my butt in gear and finish the blanket for my friends since I’m headed up to visit my mom and grandmother this weekend and I’ll be stopping by to see them as well (oh yeah, probably no updates this weekend either).  Also, been playing around with the site, seeing what works and doesn’t for me.  Wish I could set up a separate page on this site that allows posts for my reviews but won’t let me, I don’t think, so they’ll be getting scattered in with the regular posts.

For sales…well Michaels didn’t have anything yarn related on sale in store or online unfortunately, but if you go to their webpage, you can get a 40% off coupon for one regular price item. JoAnn’s is having daily coupon offers through the end of the week for Mother’s Day, so make sure you check those out, plus all their Lion Brand yarns are 25% off as well as a couple other brand types that are on sale.

Starting Fresh

Okay, here we go with my first actual status type post. I’m going to do this in sections for each project just to try to make things simpler.  Where available, I’m going to include the website links to products, however some stores don’t have them at their website but they may have them in store.


I started the hubby’s afghan yesterday.  It’s a ripple afghan using basic double and triple crochet stitches as well as a couple modified decreases and front post crochets.  I’m including pictures of the first three rows to give an idea of how the color sequence is going to go since it’ll just be repeated until it finishes after that. Continue reading Starting Fresh