Fabric Haul and Mystery Pack Review Videos

Hey, everyone! Hope you all have a great week.  As mentioned last time, I did a video about the giant fabric haul I had at the end of July, which became an adventure in itself.  I actually wound up recording it twice as the first time had no sound (apparently my video program was defaulting to some speakers that didn’t exist?); then I kept trying to find a way to edit the video and that was nothing but aggravation.  I never did find a good program to use, so if any of you have any recommendations, please leave a note and let me know.  Well, I finally got it edited to a point I wasn’t completely unhappy with and got it posted to YouTube, so you can go see all the stuff I came home with here.

Well, even after the ridiculous amount of fabric I came home with, I couldn’t pass up a couple of daily deals I ran across.  The Fat Quarter Shop had a charm pack for $.99! So I got a mystery pack to round out the sale and make shipping worth it.  They call their mystery packs Grab Bags and they come in pretty much all the precut sizes plus their own Jolly Bar cut (5×10).  Missouri Star, who I’ve ordered from a few times now, had a rotary cutter blade and 2.5x8in ruler for their daily deal for about $7, so I got a couple extra things to round out the order, one of which being a mystery batik charm pack.  You can find the video I did here.

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